Why Local Flowers?

Why Local Flowers?

There are many reasons to choose locally grown flowers over international imports:

1) They are freshest!
They have been hand picked, conditioned and in your hands within 24 hours. Your local flowers will last longer than the big box store bouquet which traveled Hundreds or thousands of miles out of water to reach you.

2) You’ll make a personal connection to your flower farmer and community.
Support small, local businesses, your local county and you support local agriculture near you.

3) They’re are responsibly grown.
Local flower farmers use natural methods to control pests and minimize water waste. This means less pesticides and toxins in use. Your flowers have not had exposure to harmful chemicals.

4) They have the BEST scent.
Most imported flowers have had scent bred out of them in search of long stems and perfect form. Many of our flowers are highly scented.

5) They’re sustainably grown.
This means what is taken from the earth is given back. Small flower farmers encourage biodiversity, and soil health. Waste is composted and recycling is key to our small farm.

6) Local flowers have a tiny footprint.
By purchasing locally grown flowers energy costs and carbon emissions are reduced due to closer proximity of grower to customer.

The bottom line is Origin Matters

Thank you for supporting your local small farms and Kentucky flower producers. We have clients come to us because they know that the seasonality of flowers is important. It’s nice that our customers are caring about finding flowers that are locally sourced, just like food.

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