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Join Our Flower CSA

Locally Grown Bouquet Subscriptions 

Our flower CSA (community supported agriculture) works the same way as a standard vegetable CSA. We give you the flexibility to choose how frequently you would prefer fresh flowers (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly,) and offer your floral arrangements in two sizes (Regular - quart mason jar, and Large - standard vase). This flexibility allows you to add a pop of color and instant mood-booster to your home or office, or gift a CSA to a loved one, in a way that suits your needs and budget!


This subscription service works the same as your newspaper subscription but with gorgeous, lovely, locally grown fragrant flowers. 

You will enjoy over 90 varieties of flowers and foliage during the subscription season. Our flowers are harvested, conditioned, designed and delivered within hours to YOU!! These locally grown, organic, fresh-cut blooms support both sustainable agriculture and will last longer than blooms that have spent the majority of their shelf life on a shipping truck. 

The subscription season runs through Spring, Summer, and Fall (May, June, July, Aug., Sept & Oct. -or- until frost).

  1. Sign up for our bouquet subscription service. 

  2. Select the size and frequency of your bouquets.

    1. Selected weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly options, then...

      1. Regular size (quart mason jar) - $28.00 each delivery

      2. Large size (standard vase or English pitcher) - $50.00 each delivery

  3. Enjoy your unique, long-lasting floral arrangement of locally grown flowers! 


"We  look forward to our floral bouquets every other week from Elizabeth.  We deserve it!!"    -Margaret

"If you have not treated yourself to Bluegrass Blooms bouquet subscription yet, you are missing out!!"   -Erin

"Mom loved all her bouquets so much last year! I want to send her more beautiful flowers this year."   -Holly


"I love my fresh bouquets from Bluegrass Blooms!"   -Stephanie

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